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Facial Care Routine

For most men, well at least me, a facial routine is one of the most overlooked steps of my grooming routine. Ironically enough, we touch our faces hundreds of times a day and give it the least amount of attention, which is backwards. There are so many benefits to properly washing, exfoliating and hydrating your facial skin. For those of you that are slacking like myself, my brother and fellow grooming enthusiast at, Ian Riley has laid out a routine using some amazing products. Continue reading below or visit to read more…

Times are changing. There was a point when men would shy away from grooming topics like this. Facial care was something left for women and pretty boys to do but I’ve been seeing an influx of the everyday man giving a damn about taking care of themselves. I’m not a woman and i’m far from being a pretty boy but I have seen the benefits of taking care of your face. I mean, you need to! It’s the part of your body that is exposed most to the elements that have no mercy for you. It’s a war out there bro and you need weapons to fight! Fight to preserve your skin and purify your youthful glow. In this blog I’ll go to facial care routine that is quick, easy and is the reason why people think I’m younger than I actually am.

Water and Diet

Before we dive into the products and routines, whether you have these products or not, one thing that is readily available to you (at least I hope) is water. Water is life.Drink it. Lots of it. Not only does it helps is numerous areas of our survival as humans, it is good for your skin. Also your overall health plays a role in how you skin looks and feel. Heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? Yea that applies with healthy and unhealthy food. Choose healthy foods, easy on the drinking, do away with cigarettes and you have won half the battle already. With that out of the way, let’s talk about it.


Unscented face soap – pretty straight forward. You can find this at your local pharmacy and I just use this to wash off any dirt particles on my face. This makes my face dry despite the fact I have naturally oily skin but then I use the next item to moisturize.

Dr Jart + Water Drop – Fellas, if you haven’t gone to Sephora you need to. In fact you should sign up for their Insider Beauty Card thing and get point on every purchase, points add up to you getting something for free. Yes that store is mainly for women but men have a small little section. Anyway, the lovely ladies there are there to help you as one did with me a few months ago and introduced me to this water based moisturizer. If you have oily skin like me, you need a water based moisturizer like Dr Jart + which helps control the oil secretion while moisturizing the skin.

The Next Two Products Can Be Found AT Click The Names To Go Straight To The Product Page

Scotch Porter Charcoal and Licorice Face Wash – I may switch out the face soap for this one. According to the Scotch Porter Website, it “cleanses and restores dry skin without wrecking havoc on your skin’s PH balance”. Ok cool, I get the cleansing and restore part, and it really does! But what the heck is a ph balance? I’m glad you asked. PH stands for power of hyrdogen which is a scale that shows your body’s Acid/Akaline balance. You body needs both in equal amounts in order to survive, too much of either one and you life could be at risk. Who would have thought a face wash can assist in saving your life huh? Different parts of your body have different levels which range between 1- (acid) and 8-14 (alkaline) so it’s best to keep your pH levels at neutral 7. Alright, that was a simplified definition of pH, I’ll rather leave that to folks more smarter than I am but it is important to know the basics of it. Click here to learn more.

Scotch Porter Face Lotion – We should be using the same lotion on our face as we use on our body. That lotion is more of rougher skin and make cause crazy breakouts , our face has more sensitive skin and need specific face lotion. I rotate between this and the Dr Jart+ moisturizer giving me that smooth moisturized feeling I love.

Spin For Perfect Skin Exfoliating Face and Body Brush – You can use your hands to cleanse and exfoliate and if you do it is best to go in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow. Well, this brush does that for you with interchangeable brushes and one very smooth speed. My face feels like it has been pampered by cherubims after using this, it’s that amazing!

St Ives Exfoliating Cream – you don’t exfoliate? think it’s a girly thing? Man, you a missing out! We don’t shed our skins like reptiles but our skin is constantly rejuvenating itself, creating new skin under dead skin. Now when you exfoliate it doesn’t mean you’ll see the dead skinon your hands but the feeling you get after washing it off, you literally feel brand new. To my knowledge there are two types of exfoliating cream: one that looks like white rice and is smooth and the other looks like brown rice and is rough. The ‘white rice’ one is the one that can be used frequently say about 3 times a week. The ‘brown rice’ one can be used once or twice a week because it’s rough and as great as exfoliating is this is the one that really gets in there and cleanses your skin. Don’t want to do that everyday.

Final $0.02

Facial care is as manly as chopping wood after wrestling a 400lbs grizzly bear. Sensitive need to be cared for and choosing the right products to do so should be a priority. You don’t have to compete with your girl for some bathroom time, as you’ve seen in the video my process is less that 10 mins. For those of you who have any interest in growing a beard, your facial care is VERY important in the growth of your beard. All beard enthusiasts know this. Grooming of any sort tells the world you give a damn about how you present yourself.

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