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BEARDUCATION: Need-To-Know Informaton About Carrier Oils

This is a perfect article we found on the different types of oils found common in many of today’s beard products. According to blogger, Brad we should do a more thorough check on what these oils are and how they benefit the health of our beards…

BEARDUCATION: Need-To-Know Informaton About Carrier Oils

Hey, beardos.  This is really important, need-to-know information for the beard products users among you.  It’s essential to know the ingredients going into the blends that you spend your hard-earned money on.  NOT ALL BEARD OILS ARE CREATED EQUAL.

I’m going to do a quick run-down on what oils are most commonly used by beard oil manufacturers, and why some of them are using inferior recipes.

First.  Here we go, I’m gonna go on and blow your mind.  ARGAN OIL IS NOT GREAT FOR YOUR HAIR.  I know, I know, you’ve heard it touted everywhere as the best of the best.  Here’s the thing, argan oil, used in moderation, can be fantastic.  Alas, most times you see it listed in an oil blend, it’s being used at over 50% of the blend!  Argan oil molecules are too large to penetrate your hair cuticle, so it actually just sits on top of your hair.  If you’re using it when your hair is wet, or if you’re using too much, this can be a big problem. Although applying the oil to damp strands before drying will leave your hair feeling smooth for a while,  over time it WILL actually dry out your hair. Argan oil winds up creating a barrier on top of your hair, which blocks any actually effective moisturizer from being absorbed.  It is strongly advised to keep argan at less than 5% of a beard oil blend.  We don’t use it at all.

JOJOBA OIL.  Let’s talk about it.  There is a huge amount of misinformation concerning this oil, and I’m gonna clear some of it up.  The reason this oil is HUGE these days in skin and hair care products, is because it is believed that jojoba “tricks” your body into thinking that it is sebum, your body’s natural oils.  Because jojoba is so similar in composition to sebum, it is thought that your body will generate less, thus result in less oily hair and skin.  Though this seems like a valid argument, the science behind it is just plain wrong.  When sebum is reabsorbed into your skin, it binds to your sebaceous gland receptors, halting the production of natural oils.  When you use a cleanser or a replacement like jojoba, this does not happen and your body will just continue to pump out more natural oil.  Use of jojoba, though rich in fatty acids and nutrients that are GREAT for hair and skin, can actually make you an oily, greasy mess.  Additionally, about 45% have experienced some sort of skin irritation related to the use of jojoba.  It is again recommended to use this oil at less than 5% of your beard oil blend.  We use jojoba in our Beard Bar, but not in our oils or balms.

WHY DO YOU HATE POPULAR OILS?“, you’re probably asking.  I DON’T!  I just consider these modern “miracle oils” to be a fad, and as with most fads, consumers don’t do the research!  Plus, I know TONS of better oils that punch more benefit into that beard!  I’ll tell you all about them.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to know that OIL IS NOT OIL IS NOT OIL.  There is a vast range of quality when it comes to these oils.  Have you ever been to the grocery store to buy olive oil?  Notice, there is not just one brand, one type, one quality.  The price variations are huge, because the quality variations are huge.  Unrefined, Virgin, and Extra Virgin are just a few of the classifications.  The same applies to ALL OILS.  Cheap, low quality oils just don’t do the job the way a nice, cold-pressed, high quality oil will.   There are several beard brands trying to corner the market with a low price, but the oils don’t do ANYTHINGbut maybe add a bit of shine.

Here is what you should see if you are using a good quality beard oil:  Shiny hair, less brittle hairs, less hair loss, softer hair, less tangly hair, less knots, it’s incredibly and addictively touchable, fuller growth, faster growth, fewer patchy spots, and new color highlights, no more itch, no more beardruff, no more inflammation.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  A high quality beard oil  should NEVER stop giving.  Look before you buy.  $10 for a bottle of beard oil is just too cheap to be of any benefit.  It costs about that to make a great quality bottle.

Oils we use and recommend, and why:

HEMP OIL.  Easily and quickly absorbed by your skin and hair, and rich in OMEGA fatty acids, this is the perfect base carrier for any other oil.  It can be used up to 100% in any beard oil blend and still have amazing effects just on it’s own.  If you can’t afford a bottle of great quality beard oil, go out and buy some of this.  Hemp Seed works similarly.

APRICOT OIL.  Rapidly absorbed by skin and hair, this oil quickly relieves itch, heals dry or chapped skin, and also reduces wrinkles.  Adds amazing shine and penetrates deeply to both soften and strengthen the hair.  Recommended at up to 75% of a beard oil blend.

CASTOR OIL.   This is my “miracle oil”.  Though it should be used in smaller amounts to prevent irritation, castor oil has some of the most benefitial properties of any oils we use.  It heals and prevents ingrown hairs, absolutely obliterates clogged pores, straightens hair naturally, increases blood flow leading to faster hair growth, has many anti-inflammatory properties, locks in moisture leading to darker hair, prevents breakage, and reduces split ends, among so many other amazing benefits.  We use castor oil at around 7% of all of our blends.

GRAPESEED OIL.  This is the anti-inflammatory master oil.  Clogged pores, follicle inflammation, and itchy, irritated skin are the born enemies of grapeseed oil.  This oil, combined with castor,  is the key to promoting faster, healthier growth.We use it at around 25% in our blends.

A few others we use and why:


Each of these is renowned for their proteins, leaving hair as strong as it’s ever been.  We use these oils at around 12-15% in our blends.  These are the reason our blends stand out and create such strong, full beards.

If you want to ask a question about any oils you’ve heard of, andtheir effectiveness as a hair or skin moisturizer, leave us a comment!

Always research what you buy.  Some of the biggest brands out there have inferior blends, but solid marketing.  Make sure you’re not falling for the hype, and always do your own homework.  It’s your money, spend it on a product that works.

Have an awesome day, and BEARD STRONG!


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