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8 Stylish Moustaches to Try This Movember

The aptly named ‘Movember’ pertains to the leading global foundation committed to changing the face of men’s health, encouraging gents to grow out their moustaches for some worthy causes that affect everyday men.

Movember Rules

The rules of Movember are simple. Once registered you begin the start of November with a freshly shaven face. Without growing a beard, you must grow out your moustache for the duration of the month. While it is for a great cause, the initiative will be a nice way to determine whether a ‘stache will suit your face. We encourage you to get mates, siblings and coworkers involved. Not only will the initiative raise money for worthy men’s health causes, but it will also initiate dialogue with people in your life over issues that need social appreciation. Men’s mental health, in particular, has been an issue that society has been reluctant to talk about. While dialogue has increased in recent years, Movember is a great opportunity to generate conversations with the men in our lives over their mental and physical wellbeing. Fathers, brothers, mates; it is through our dialogue that we generate understanding and better our community.




How to Get Involved

Getting involved is incredibly easy. Registering on the Movember website is the first step. From there, you are accountable for growing a pretty neat moustache to ensure that you are visually taking part with this month long initiative. Raising funds during your moustache growing is important, but you can always contribute to the cause in other ways, including one-off donations (which can be made on the site’s donation page) as well as fund matching programs that companies run that incentivise donations by matching or doubling the proceeds donated.


Tips for Growing a Moustache

  1. Have patience. You probably will look like a pre-pubescent teen for the first week of Movember, but hang in there, after all, this is a worthy cause, and you should be determined to grow out your facial hair for wider health issues!
  2. To stimulate healthy hair growth, harness vitamins and minerals in your diet or as a daily supplement. It may take a bit longer than a month to see stronger hair, but consider it a healthy lifestyle decision that you can continue well after Movember is over.
  3. Keep a look out for vitamins A, B, C and E as well as biotin- these are great for nourishing your hair follicles from the inside out.
  4. Exfoliate your face for a clean environment for healthy hair follicles to grow.
  5. Stay hydrated. Water will also contribute to growing your moustache out successfully.
  6. Remain resilient to the inevitable itching that you will experience in the process of growing out your ‘stache!




Top Movember Moustache Styles

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1. The Undercover Brother

The Undercover Brother is a conjoined moustache with rounded corners. Reminiscent of Tom Selleck’s iconic moustache (the Chevron), this is a failsafe option for the gent who wants conservative, yet still stylish facial hair for Movember. Daniel Craig has done the undercover brother perfectly in the past, so use him as a reference if you are going to try this one out.




2. The Trucker

The epitome of Hulk Hogan’s look, the trucker borders on something you might do for Halloween. For the trucker to look like the original styling of this moustache, consider growing it out for longer than a month in order to get a thicker, denser effect for your moustache. Give some thought before you commit to the Trucker, it can be a little intimidating for most, particularly men with darker hair.




3. Handlebar

Sure, it’s a little evil villain-esque, but the handlebar has earned its popularity in contemporary street style as one of the most influential moustache styles. Twisted at the ends, the handlebar requires a solid foundation and a bit of bravery to pull off. Style with a dab of moustache wax and twist accordingly.




4. Fu Manchu

Unless you are a comedian, the Fu Manchu isn’t the most versatile moustache for you to go for in November. Derived from Dr Fu Manchu, the ends of your moustache should hang over your chin. Let’s perhaps leave this one for Halloween or well, never.




5. Chevron

One of the most iconic moustaches, the Chevron earned its prominence by Tom Selleck, who popularised the trend. This moustache, however, takes months to grow out, so commitment is mandatory. It also works for gents with straighter moustache types.




6. Rock Star

A more badass way to interpret your moustache for Movember, the Rock Star depends on a lot of texture and a great mane of long hair to go with it. Perfect for gents who naturally have more dense facial hair, it is one of the most favoured Movember looks that most men opt for.




7. Pencil

The pencil moustache harkens back to black and white movies and the men who popularised the thinner style moustache back in earlier decades of the 20th century. Favoured by film stars such as Clark Gable and Errol Flynn, the pencil was done best by stars of the past, so look to them for reference.




8. The After Eight

This is an extended moustache which will work for different face shapes. The after eight capitalises on width, so ensure that you shave around your moustache strategically and style it accordingly. There doesn’t have to be too much density, as long as can you get the shape right.




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